No food or drink My mother, age 89, has advanced Parkinson’s and is now at home in hospice care. She is totally unresponsive and has not been able to eat or drink for 20 days now. She never had any major health problems (heart/lungs/kidney) except the Parkinson’s which robbed her of her mental capacity, ability to swallow and motor skills. We do not think she is in any pain.My family is taking turns canada goose jakke dame so she is never alone even overnight per my father’s request.



He would do it himself but he is 87 and still spends all his waking hours with her.As we talk about this, we are all amazed that the body could go so long without food and water. Even now, her kidneys are still functioning but her heart rate is over 110.canada goose jakke ekte  Before coming home, she was hospitalized briefly and became bloated from the IV.

Could this be what is sustaining her for so long?We do not want to let her go but have accepted the inevitable albeit painful.I have tried to research how long she might live but could not find any answers.Is this normal or extraordinary? canadagoosejakkedamebillig We will continue to keep vigil as long as it takes. I had a patient with end stage dementia who decided she wasn’t interested in eating or drinking anymore, and we honored her desires.